Root Beer Bundt Cake

DSC_0004   I’m fond of buying cookbooks, but if I were to bake something, I’d probably go find a recipe off of one of my favorite food blogs. A lot of the time cookbooks are coffee table books for me. That defeats the purpose of buying books, so I decided to whip out BAKED: New Frontiers in Baking by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, to see what kind of summer treat I could make! I’ve had my eye on their root beer cake for at least a year now, so I gave it go. The description says, “We wanted to create a cake that approximated the flavor and the lazy summer pleasure of a root beer float…We weren’t looking for a ‘hint’ of root beer, but an avalanche of root beer (hence the 2 cups used in this recipe).” Let me get one thing straight: THIS CAKE IS DOWNRIGHT CHOCOLATE. I mean…there’s the slightest hint, the mere suggestion that root beer may exist in this cake. Otherwise, thanks to the generous amount of cocoa powder, this cake is a fudgy and decadent chocolate lover’s dream, all the way down to the root beer fudge frosting. The cake was GOOD, except it should be called rich and fudgy chocolate with the slightest suggestion of root beer bundt cake. It was still fun to make though, so go do that and then eat with ice cream! Happy baking! Love, Marissa

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