Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprints

I remember eating sandwhiches when I was in elementary school. Sticky jam, goopy peanut butter…yum. I still love jam—recently I was introduced to orange marmalade which is an absolute DREAM. Sticky, orange-y, with orange peel…sigh. I also love eating jam and water crackers together, even though that’s probably horrible on a nutrition scale. Since the water crackers are so plain, each bite is nice, sweet, sticky, and bright! One of my favorite snacks!


I’m attempting to make only recipes that scream summer to me. So far, I’ve made lemon cookies and a root beer cake that didn’t taste like root beer at all…and now peanut butter thumbprints from Dorie Greenspan! In her recipe she rolls the cookie dough in peanuts, but I didn’t have peanuts, only peanut butter, and also I was lazy. Therefore, my cookies are not rolled in peanuts. They are still good, because Padre even said that he liked them! And so did Allison. The cookies aren’t chewy (my favorite kind), but they have a soft, crumbly texture. The directions say to make the thumbprint before baking, but I would do it as soon as the cookies come out of the oven instead. I made the “well” before baking, and they almost completely disappeared! I made the wells in the hot cookies using the end of a spatula. I filled my cookies with grape jelly, but Dorie recommends all sorts of jams. Whatever makes your socks go up and down!

Happy baking!


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