Biking Across the Golden Gate

For the first time in three years, there is no summer homework. No heavy textbooks sitting densely on my desk, no giant homework packets that have killed at least a few trees, no slogging through the required readings for English class, no fretting about math…NOTHING! It’s been quite glorious…and also sometimes gloriously boring. Besides doing chores, seeing friends, and getting ready for orientation (which starts Wednesday!), I’ve been looking for fun summer-only activities.

Dad will sometimes take us biking on a regional trail that starts in Pleasanton and goes all the way to Walnut Creek. I like biking because it allows me to have ice cream at the end without guilt. So when I read about Kevin & Amanda’s biking adventure in SF, I convinced dad to let me, James, and Tim bike from the Embarcadaro, across the Golden Gate, and into Sausalito for…ICE CREAM!!!

unnamed-5The picture above is somewhere close to Crissy Fields. It took us an hour to get there…how, I don’t know. It was really windy that day, so I’ll blame the slow pace partly on that. I’ll also blame the huge hill we had to go up. That was definitely a struggle, but manageable because I’m alive to prove it.

unnamed-6Actually biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is a very terrifying experience. First of all, it’s absolutely freezing and windy. We didn’t feel cold because we were biking, but it is terribly windy. There are two pillars you have to bike around, and the wind tries to knock you off your bike. The fog can also be heavy, so either that or the seawater will sprinkle itself on your face. I must say that the most terrifying part of the ride is biking on the west side of the bridge (lefthand side, I believe), because when you look out, you’re looking out into the sea. Coupled with the wind and sprinkle drops of fog or ocean, it’s downright scary but also very peaceful and awe-inspiring. Bike across the bridge and you’ll understand what I mean.

unnamed-7When you reach the other side of the bridge, there’s a road (for bikes, part of the way) that takes you to Sausilito. The picture above is where the bike-only road (which is very downhill, so be careful) ends. There are some beautiful views of the bay: Alcatraz, the SF skyline, the Bay Bridge…and then Sausalito, which is a cute, small town, and Marin County. I had never been to Marin before so it was fun to explore.


The real reason I wanted to bike to Sausalito (besides biking across the bridge) was ice cream. Specifically, Lappert’s Ice Cream; they have Hawaiian sea salt caramel ice cream! Tim got mint chip and James got chocolate, per usual. There are also flavors like pistachio, green tea, plain vanilla… The other thing is, there’s no line at Lappert’s. You kind of shove your way to the counter and order. Very hectic but not terrible.

unnamed-9We had a really late lunch (at 4:30!) at Napa Valley Burger Co. Definitely more expensive than a standard burger place, but good! Dad and I shared the Baker Beach BBQ Turkey Burger. Bacon was involved.

We took the ferry back to SF, which was Padre’s good idea. The ride back to SF involved a VERY LARGE HILL and I’m weak.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Boston for university orientation! You can follow along on Snapchat (sparklesprinkle) and Instagram (@marisrislikessparkles)


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