BU Orientation + New England Road Trip!

Note: iPhone photos only, sorry 😦


My oh my, it’s been a week! And where was I? University orientation, and I didn’t feel like lugging my dinosaur of a computer with me all the way across the country. My computer is a dinosaur, in age AND weight. That is the reason that I unfortunately did not live blog the adventure. However, I’ll be in New Orleans in just over a week, and I am lugging the dinosaur there. Hopefully.

I’ll spare you the details of orientation because besides meeting lots of new people and walking at least 1.5 miles a day, all we did was get oriented with BU. The real fun came afterwards, when Choom (Choom is mom, for future reference) and I explored New England! Four states in two days, HOLLA.

I’ll back up just a bit to before orientation. We came in the day before it started and had a lot of time to get lost. Choom and I ended up on Newberry Street, then Boylston, then in Copely Square. On Boylston Street, there is a Lindt chocolate shop- the sole reason that I decided to back up a bit to before orientation. They have a super colorful display. All chocolate. YUM. I recommend the raspberry or strawberry creme.



After finding chocolate, we went to one of my favorite bakeries: FLOUR! It’s just off of Copely Squre, and they make a killer spinach+quinoia salad. I also recommend their pain aux raisin (brioche raisin snail). It’s brioche+pastry cream+golden raisins. Totally worth a stomachache.


After orientation, I met up with the roomie for lunch! Her name is Francheska and she’s from Boston. This school year we’re going to join a club that trains you for the Boston Marathon and we’re going to canoe on the Charles River. Hopefully that’s just the beginning of the bucket list (and our friendship)!


We stayed with my mom’s cousin and his family after orientation ended. They have two boys and a girl, named Alex, Jess, and Josh. Josh is three, and he’s a talker, not to mention absolutely HILARIOUS.

unnamed-10There’s a golf course behind their house, so we walked around and then Alex and Jess drove me in the golf cart. ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. And very fun. They were our virutal tour guides to New England. Choom and I went to Newport, Rhode Island first and we walked across the whole town. Not even kidding.


Newport is a very cute town. It’s humid, and it smells salty. I’ve never really smelled the ocean before, even on other beaches. But here, it was REALLY SALTY. I think it smelled nice. The main attraction we were here for was the Cliff Walk. It’s 3.5 miles with 64 HUGE HOUSES along the coast. It was really hot so we didn’t finish the walk but we did see the chateau that is the second largest house in Newport! We also found ice cream (not even a question), and Choom found her lobster roll.

Newport was Friday, and on Monday we drove through New Hampshire to get to Vermont! Everything that I’ve seen so far in New England is GREEN. It even rained (HARD) on our drive home. The highways are lined with so many trees it’s like you’re driving through the jungle. And people are such nice drivers! They barely honk you or cut you off.

In Vermont, we visited Quechee, a super tiny town with a general store where you can taste all types of Cabot cheese. They are a dairy farmers cooperative or collective and they specialize in cheddar! After cheese tasting (we also tasted amazing maple syrup), we went to Quechee Gorge, which is super beatiful but also a terrifying drop.


The town over is called Woodstock, and according to my aunt is the quintessential New England town. It’s very quaint, very small, and has bells made by Paul Revere & Co. There is a tiny courthouse, a library, and so many houses, all very colonial. Choom and I found a covered bridge, which was a nice surprise because the one in Quechee was destroyed so we didn’t see one there.




New England is definitely my new favorite photo-taking spot! Watch out friends, if you come visit me, and you have a car, I’ll probably drag you on a road trip!


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