Louisiana! {Fontainebleau State Park}

It is super hot. So hot that every time I step outside I want to crawl on the ground and die. I’m being dramatic but it’s always in the 90’s during the day plus it’s humid. I’m a weather wimp, even in hot weather. The only thing keeping me alive are these snoball things- giant cups of flavored shaved ice from Just Chillin. Today’s flavors were honeydew (again) and sweet tea. I really wish we had these at home because they’re cheaper than ice cream and just as delicious. Before finding snoballs, however, we stopped at Fontainebleau State Park (it’s a $2 admission when the guard is at the gate) to take some photos! None of us lasted long in the muggy heat, but the photos we did manage to get were awesome! {Featuring my lovely friend Olivia who has fed me and dragged me around to cool places} DSC_0012   DSC_0008 DSC_0061   DSC_0101 DSC_0110

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