Boston University: Facing Fear, Trusting God #1

Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last post, so I’ll bring you up to speed on what’s happened in between: I am officially a student of Boston University and a Boston resident! I have a library card to prove it 😉

Moving in was very hectic- it was hot, muggy, and there was so much stuff. It’s mostly settled now; the minion stickers are up, books are organized by subject, size/alphabetical order, school supplies are in the school crate, snacks are opened, mason jar is holding writing utensils, my three-fold laundry hamper is up, and the room is a general mess. This weekend Francheska (roomie) is coming so hopefully everything will be cleaned up before she comes because my stuff is still on her bed…

Anyway, I decided to start a new series about how I see God working in my life and in the areas that I am scared/uncertain and learning to place those things into God’s hands.

The thing that’s really been weighing on my mind lately (and that inspired this series) is the move. I am, according to GoogleMaps, 3,104 miles from home. I love my new city and the change of scenery, but right now I am concerned about finding my tribe. I suppose everyone is, but I feel like I’m having a hard time “clicking.” My FYSOP group is awesome though, so I keep reminding myself to always give people a chance. It’s only day two, after all. I am currently struggling to trust God to bring people into my life that I will have very meaningful and lasting relationships with. But, I know God is great and good and has the best plan in mind 🙂

Here’s KLove’s encouraging word of the day: Joyful are those who listen to me, watching for me daily at my gates, waiting for me outside my home! {Proverbs 8:34}

As Lindsay always tells me, remember that we have a heavenly home to look forward to 🙂



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