I am horribly excited and pleased to announce that I have been officially inducted into the Boston University class of 2019! (Hence the title of this post, Matriculation.) The president of the university stressed the importance of academics, as well as “playing all the keys {of the piano}” that BU has to offer. I’m so excited, I think I could explode but I won’t, because 1) that’s a waste of tuition and I just got here and 2) there’s unlimited ice cream in the dining hall and I haven’t fully taken advantage of that yet.

On a more serious note, I’m looking forward to French and intro to communications. As well as buying snow gear so I don’t freeze to death.

This is my roomie, Francheska. Her family’s kind of adopted me while I’m here (she’s from Boston).


Hip hop hurray for being official! Our next adventure: Target. It’ll get more interesting, I promise.


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