Boston University: [South End Open Market at SoWa]

I love farmer’s markets. Some of my best memories of this past summer are going to the farmer’s market with Morgan on Saturday mornings and looking at all the vibrant flowers and delicious produce. (Free samples are also a perk.) Nothing exudes the laid-back nostalgic feelings more than a farmers market on a warm day, in my opinion. Although the weather was borderline disastrous (it did sprinkle), my friend Amanda and I made it to the last SoWa market in Boston before it packed up for the winter.

There were all sorts of goodies…but the eggplants caught my eye with their beautiful purple color. Later on, we found the doughnut vendor and got apple cider doughnuts. They were good, but the doughnuts that you can buy at Honey Pot Hill Orchards are better (and warm).

The market is separated by goods; there is a vintage/arts market, a farmer’s market, and food truck park. On our way to find the food trucks, Amanda and I found a lovely restaurant terrace, complete with umbrellas. Not quite like a French café, but close. Downtown there is a French café/bakery called Paul, which I hope to venture to soon, and nine minutes from my door is an authentic bakery called Clear Flower. I think my friend Melissa and I may pay it a visit!

DSC_0025 2




DSC_0040 2

On my walk to the meeting spot (the farmer’s market trip is sponsored by the first-year experience program), which was a mile, I was able to take some photos of a magnificently deserted and quiet BU campus:



DSC_0017 2

Happy fall!


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