Clear Flour Bread


A couple weekends ago, upon the French Club president’s recommendation, I found Clear Flour bread, a bakery (or boulangerie, en français!) in Allston. The most dangerous thing is that it’s only a 10 minute walk. Walk? You may ask…I wouldn’t have walked anywhere at home either, but when you walk a few miles a day just trying to get to class, 10 minutes isn’t just bearable, it’s pleasant.


As a nice bonus, the sun was setting at the time of the escapade (yes, finding food can be an adventure), which made for some gorgeous light and amazing photos of fall.


Clear Flour Bread is a petit hole in the wall bakery, and when I say bakery, I mean just that. It is not, as I had expected, a café, nor does it offer places to sit. It’s tucked away off the main road in a residential area, but still had a line (almost) out the door when Melissa, Danielle, and I went. There are so many wonderful things in this tiny shop, and if you find yourself near BU for any reason, I recommend that you pay this bakery a visit.


Verdicts: Melissa declared the bouchon (French brownie) one of the better brownies she’s eaten; Danielle like the financiers (almond cakes); I fell in love with the kugelopf. It was amazingly fluffy and soft with sweet raisins and a sticky coating. I’ve only read about this pastry, but it is now taking me a painfully large amount of self-control to not walk over to the bakery every weekend. Thank goodness that BU gives so much work.


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