Boston University: Surprises {The North End}






My first year experience class (FY 101) went to the North End today, and it’s safe to say that it was the outing I needed after being on campus all week without leaving.

I’m just going to say up front that I brought my five pound camera…but forgot to slide a memory card in it ( 😦 ), so sorry for my grainy phone photos.



I almost didn’t go on this outing because I’ve been to the North End several times, so I wasn’t expecting anything new. However… the advisor for the class (Christina) gave us a lovely little tour of the neighborhood she used to live in, and I saw a side of the North End I didn’t know existed. It’s a very charming place, with narrow streets, brick apartment buildings; it’s a very tight neighborhood with lovely cafes and pizzerias.



Although I’ve been to the North End several times, I’ve never been to the Old North Church. It’s part of the Freedom Trail, which I’ve never done either, because it’s 2.5 miles and I’m horribly lazy. The church is almost 300 years old AND it’s supported by…I can’t remember the word but basically it’s standing on dead bodies. The floorboards creak for a nice effect.




We wrapped up our tour with coffee and dessert at Caffe Vittoria on Hanover Street, also home to Modern Pastry and Mike’s Pastry. (Heads up: all are cash only) For some unexplainable reason there’s a lot of hype about cannoli from Mike’s, but I think that the cannoli at Caffe Vittoria are better. The texture of the ricotta at Caffe Vittoria reminds me of the ones I ate in Rome.

Today was a monumental day because…I had my very first tiramisu! I’m impressed; it was very nice. Instead of ladyfingers the cafe uses cake…so it’s very soggy with coffee, but the texture isn’t weird. The cream…or whatever is on top…is so fluffy and smooth and beautiful, with a dusting of cocoa that ties everything up and isn’t overpowering. I’d give it four stars 🙂



Of course, what kind of adventure would this be without my adventure buddy? Always lots of laughs with Amanda! (Stay tuned, we’re headed to the farmer’s market at Haymarket this Friday, weather permitting.)

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