Boston University: Haymarket



Hello friends! Yesterday I went to Haymarket with…Amanda! I think we shall be adventure buddies. I haven’t told her that yet but I think the idea will grow on her.

Besides the weather being freezing and me wearing flats (bad decision), Haymarket was a lovely experience! It is a farmer’s market right next to Faneuil Hall and the North End with very inexpensive produce (see pictures below). The concept of the market is actually really nifty: the vendors buy the produce from wholesalers who couldn’t sell all the produce to the supermarkets. As a result, the produce is really cheap and very ripe. Therefore, don’t buy more than you can eat because it won’t keep very long! Amanda is sold; she said she’s not going to Target anymore 😛







After perusing the aisles of the market, we went to the North End for coffee! The shops have some Christmas decorations already, gingerbread houses! I’d like to make a gingerbread house now (HINT dad).



Caffè Vittoria is my favorite spot in Boston right now. It’s a small Italian café that has good cannoli and tiramisu, plus cappuccino! I love this place because it lets you linger; there’s no rush to get out! I think Amanda and I sat there for a couple hours, laughing of course.








I decided to try the flan and while Amanda said it was good, I wasn’t sold. Maybe it’s because I’m not a custard person? Or because it was cold? I do love crème brulée, but this flan just didn’t do the trick. 2.5 stars (but if you like flan, by all means!)

At night I went to the tree lighting at Faneuil Hall~ super pretty & very crowded. I introduced my friend Melissa to Mike’s Pastry afterward, but I really recommend the cannoli from Caffé Vittoria or to try Modern Pastry. I’ve heard that some people like MP better, but I can’t say because we didn’t get any cannoli there because the line was horrendously long and slow.


(please excuse the grainy phone photos)


This weekend I’m off to NYC to see my dear friend Allison!

Happy Thanksgiving ❤


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