Boston University: Thanksgiving & NYC



Over Thanksgiving break I took a quick trip to NYC to visit my lovely Allison ❤ I’ve decided that I will always listen when someone tells me about the weather, because she told me to bring pants, a jacket, scarves, hats, and boots; I didn’t believe her and brought two dresses. So I nearly froze my bottom off and that’s not an experience I want again any time soon.

This trip was my first time taking a bus! It was interesting and absolutely freezing. Note to self (and to any future bus-riders): do not take a 12:30am bus if you don’t have proper clothing.

Friday we spontaneously met up with my favorite APEL human, Jeff (sorry Victor!). We took a nice picture for Mr. Uni (APEL teacher & Gatsby fanatic, quoter of lengthy segments of Shakespeare and part-time philosopher), but Jeff is wearing some interesting earmuffs in the photo so for his future’s sake I am omitting it…for now.

We hopped into a restaurant called Juniors on the recommendation of Padre and I can happily say that I too recommend it. I also recommend sharing because three people can share a plate. The cheesecake (which is supposedly Juniors’ thing) was good but I’m going to have to stick with my favorite from Carnegie Deli–it is, unfortunately, temporarily closed.

Saturday I dragged Allison through city hall because leaves:





We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (I almost got run over by a bike a few times) and found our way to a park on the river front with a beautiful view. Our last stop was Momofuku Milk Bar for cereal milk ice cream! It sounds weird, I know, but roll with me! It was rad and I was pleasantly surprised.




On Sunday, I met up with my friend Abbey at Dominique Ansel Kitchen in West Village. THE CROISSANTS. Get a croissant. It’s such a beautiful, flaky, tender pastry.

Allison and I took the PATH train to Hoboken afterwards, where we found Carlo’s Bake Shop (it’s the Cake Boss bakery!!!!!) and got lobster tail pastry! It was worth the 30 ish minute wait. The shell is so delicate and crumbles into shards when you bite it, and the cream is thick and rich and beautifully smooth. I’d go back if I could ❤


Only three weeks ’till we head home for Christmas vacation! I’ll be back, hopefully, with another post (titled Gratitude) this week or next. If I’m still alive, of course.

❤ , Marissa

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