Brooklyn Farmacy

Sitting at the quiet corner of Sackett and Henry Streets, this unassuming mint-green shop invites passerby to take refuge in a 1920’s pharmacy-turned soda fountain. With the adorable, signature-pink benches parked outside,  it’s impossible not to stop in for an egg cream or old-fashioned float.


Walk inside, and find yourself charmed by the paraphernalia that screams vintage. Take away the cars driving on the street, and you could very well have stepped into the 1920s. Classic 40s and 50s music can be heard faintly, as wooden ceiling fans gently circulate the air. Take a seat at the counter, or grab a cafe table. Don’t forget to admire the patterned floor tiles.

You’ll be handed a menu, filled with all those old soda-fountain classics. It is nearly impossible to choose one out of the array of sundaes, floats, and savories. We’d go with the floats and mac & cheese.


Go during a quiet hour—an early Monday afternoon is perfect—to sit and enjoy before the rush of school children flood the petit shop with their parents, searching for a snack. It’s a lively scene, but by then, it’s time to go.




Brooklyn Farmacy

513 Henry Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

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