Asha Tea House

It’s officially been a week since summer started, but today was my first “official” adventure: Berkeley!! (Or Berserkley…name the movie!!)

Right now I’m sitting in a charming, brick-walled European-style café in a part of the city (affectionately?) dubbed “Gourmet Ghetto.” I’d say (although I am horrible at estimating) that I am only 100 paces from Chez Panisse—YES, the restaurant of Alice Waters, the chef that trained one of my favorite food writers & full time Parisiens, David Lebovitz!!! So, I think it’s safe to say that today is winding down marvelously.

This morning I went Asha Tea House on University Avenue on the recommendation of a tea-loving good friend. What sealed the deal on the trip was  discovering the matcha menu: ceremonial, espresso, latte, macchiato, or affogato.

I went with the matcha latte because Starbucks has trained me to take anything coffee or tea related iced, and today has been quite warm. I dumped a lot of sugar syrup in it.

The interior of the tea house, though simple, is not sparse. Sturdy wooden tables and fun metal chairs speckle the floor, and the store is lit by natural light.



I think I’d go back! There’s regular tea, fruit tea, and bubble tea on the menu too.

Happy weekend, friends! See you on Sunday!


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