Red Velvet Cupcakes + Amanda’s Heirloom Frosting




1 stick butter

1 brick cream cheese (8 oz)

2 cups powdered sugar


(There were directions but you can do what I did: throw everything in the bowl and mix! Of course, pulse everything together first so that the sugar doesn’t fly everywhere, but then you can let the mixer go on medium/medium high speed for a few minutes. The frosting is delicious!!!)



Red velvet cake is not my favorite but it was still good! Definitely on the denser side, but by no means dry. Topped with lots of frosting, anything is forgivable. There is definitely a tang in the cake from the vinegar and buttermilk, but it’s all balanced out by the coco powder. Not sure if I’d make the cake again as cupcakes, but I suspect that it would make a lovely and sturdy layer cake. Happy baking!!!

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