London (Day 1)

London!! Ever since our 3 hour (literally) London blitz, I have been dying to come back to this city! It looks a lot different in the daylight…and dare I say…better? Today was spent traveling and settling in. I went to town with Choom & Padre for the London Pass (pick one up!) and we ended up wandering around for an hour or so before dinner.

We ended up at Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. Very excited because I finally was able to see John Constable’s The Haywain in person!! It’s quite massive and impressive.

Something I regret not having done in other cities is getting a little bit lost. London has all these lovely little nooks and crannies that I probably would never have found if we hadn’t tried to make it on our own without Google maps. Quaint pubs, little streets…and this beautiful pathway the the Thames near the Hammersmith Tube station.

Tomorrow we’re going to Stonehenge, Bath (home of Jane Austen!!), and the Wilton House (Pride & Prejudice 2005!!!!!!!).

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