Borough Market

Borough Market: farmers market on steroids!! Went in expecting a decent-sized farmers market and walked into a completely awesome monstrosity.

The first thing I’d like to talk about are these duck sandwhiches. It’s like pulled pork but…pulled duck. Crispy duck on a ciabatta? Yes please. So good, these kids ate it:

10/10 would eat again.

On Instagram, I have been challenging myself to post only black & white photos. It’s been a little challenging but overall fun. However, Borough Market was the one place I absolutely had to do color only. The vibrancy of some of the producing was just absolutely brilliant!

Brie is my favorite cheese, so I had to take a photo!

“Will you brie mine?”

Cheese is so pungent! I never realized how…stinky it is. There were so many cheesemongers at the market tho, that soon my nose was introduced to the wide variety of cheese aromas.

Borough Market is worth a stop, friends!! I’ll warn you though; it is a zoo! (But still, 10/10 would recommend.)

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