Tower of London

The name, “Tower of London,” is really deceiving. I think a better name would be “Complex of London,” or “Compound of London,” or even “Fortress of London.” But, I guess the other names don’t have as nice of a ring to it…

The Tower of London is actually a complex…and the tower is quite squat for a tower. Not very tall at all, but I suppose that is unfair because the tower, whose first installation was in 1066 by William the Conquerer, is juxtaposed with the Tower Bridge and the Shard, among others, which are quite imposing, and much more modern.

This was interesting only because the Tower of London is where the Minions break in to steal the Crown Jewels. Either Universal did not depict the Tower very well or things were set up differently in the 1960s. Either way, the guards in the Minions movie were much better.

Speaking of the guards, I think they’re in need of some new choreography. Also, how do they see with all that fur in their eyes? I would definitely hit something…which is why I am not a guard. Plus, I don’t think guards are allowed to wear glasses, so I’d really be in a pickle.

One neat thing is that the people who work at the Tower of London, and other places like Windsor Palace etc., get to live on the grounds!

As for the crown jewels…I can’t believe I was looking at stuff from the late 1600s! Unfortunately, during the Civil War, the original Crown Jewels were melted down and/or destroyed. The first king crowned after the Civil War got the new Crown Jewels.

Yesterday we went to Windsor Castle and I’ll be sharing pictures from that next!



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