Tower Bridge

It’s the Tower Bridge! Can I make a confession? I’ve always thought that this bridge was called the London Bridge! Actually, the London Bridge is a completely different bridge…shorter, squatter, less spectacular (I think). My favorite fact? They put beheaded people’s heads on spikes on the London Bridge after execution. I wondered why they didn’t put them on the Tower Bridge, but Padre had a good point: putting the decapitated heads on the London Bridge allowed people a closer look at their dead neighbors’ faces, and that instilled fear. Genius.

We were able to walk on the two walkways above the road which was quite nice! (It’s included on the London Pass.) There are even portions of the skywalk that have glass so you can see all the way to the bottom.

After seeing the bridge, I got my much-longed-for ice cream. I believe it is the British classic, the 99, with the obligatory chocolate whip. Get it once for the experience.


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