Miss Semi Sweet: Short Edition!

I live for dreamy, backlit, sun-filled photos. And, I love Miss Semi Sweet for allowing me to tune my technique/style when we do photoshoots!

I want to take a pause from photography for a sec. I want to talk about Miss Semi Sweet, actually known to me as Morgan.

I’m really horrible at remembering how I meet people. I have a friend who can recall when and where he met his friends. I do a brain dump.

So, what I’m skirting around is the fact that I don’t exactly remember when I met Morgan, but I can tell you for sure it was at the ice rink, and we were probably teaching skating classes together? I don’t know. But I’m mighty glad that for some reason, she took interest in being friends with me even though I’m like…4 years younger.

I think we met right when Miss Semi Sweet was just launching. Miss Semi Sweet had blonde hair back then! Over the past three/four years, I have had the honor of at first, watching the development, and then helping to create, the image of Miss Semi Sweet. And, after hanging out with Miss Semi Sweet and doing photos for the past…year(!) now, I can say, you have to follow her.

It’s easy to see the glitz and glamour that social media projects. However, the passion, hard work, worries…behind the scenes…gets left behind. I guess that’s why they call it behind-the-scenes? But I see it. I see Morgan’s passion, determination, her hard work, her perseverance, her worries, her triumphs, her resilience. I see it. I admire it.

As we go through life, we’ll get a lot of impressions from people. It’s challenging to find someone who inspires us, who challenges us to challenge ourselves. To step where it’s uncomfortable, where it’s scary or new. To keep taking steps, even when it looks or feels like we should turn around. Morgan has shown me more than just determination and perseverance. She has shown me resilience.







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