Blooming Where You’re Planted

That’s what the screen on my friend’s phone says.

Bloom where you’re planted.

We talked about being fully present. Blooming where you are, and not wishing you were somewhere else. Enjoying the ride, taking it in. Oftentimes, I forget to bloom where I’m planted. I catch myself dreaming of being far away, in a different life. Or, I catch myself worrying because I don’t like where I’m blooming.

What if I confessed that one of my fondest recent memories was of sitting in my car? It doesn’t sound very fun nor exciting, but it was such a lovely day. The air was warm, but the breeze was cool. It was sunny, but my car sat beneath the umbrella of a tree’s shadow. Cars rumbled by on the freeway, and if you imagined hard enough, it sounded like the ocean. I was alone, except for my book. It’s a beautiful thing, to be alone, with the unexplored terrain of new pages beckoning you. But before I opened my book, I just sat and looked around me, and I was grateful.

Earlier this week, I was chatting with a friend of mine. Right now, they are going through adjustment. They feel like they are riding through a tunnel, with the end certain, but the when the end will come unclear. It is a burden to bloom where they are planted, because it’s hard to bloom when you feel like the sunlight is hidden by the clouds and the rain is kept at bay.

But, I think I can say with confidence, wherever I find myself blooming, I don’t have to despair or worry, nor lose myself in wistful daydreaming. I can take heart in knowing that the gracious winds of the Lord can carry my flower and let it bloom somewhere else, just as the winds move the seeds of the plants, allowing them to spring elsewhere. But, it is important to remember that before this happens, the plant must mature so that it has seeds to disperse! Until my sunflower (I’m partial to them) is grown and I am blown away, I will be making a place for patience and gratefulness in my heart.

Bloom, my friends, and find peace.

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