My Favorite Chocolate Cake From Food52

I’ve been officially baking since I was 10 and making a mess in the kitchen since I was…4(?), so trust me when I say that this chocolate cake is hands-down my favorite chocolate cake.

Baking used to be a huge affair as I was under the impression that everything had to look amazing. The reason I love this cake, however, is for its…well, un-remarkable-ness. Don’t get me wrong. It is insanely delicious. So much so, that my family, who usually never touch anything besides chocolate chip cookies, swooped on it. But, the cake itself is unfussy. It’s simple, stands on its own, requires no extra work. And, it looks beautiful as just one large, round, honking cake. As I’ve gotten busier, this cake has become dearer. After all, I can whip it up in a record 15 minutes, and then go do whatever while it bakes for 45.

Icing isn’t really necessary…but I do think that a good mascarpone frosting or stabilized whipped cream would top it off nicely. I just dusted mine with some powdered sugar. It makes me feel fancier than I actually am.

Recipe’s in the link below! Happy baking, friends 🙂

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