The Heart Goes Last (Margret Atwood)

This is my third Margret Atwood book. The first two, Alias Grace and The Blind Assassin didn’t impress me very much. I thought they were okay. The end goal was just to write a literary analysis paper, and at the time I didn’t feel that Atwood was my jam. However, I started perusing the virtual Goodreads (thank goodness for that site!) shelves of friends…and strangers, and found that she had published another book! And, to my delight, the book was published recently, last year, to be exact.

First, this book is weird. Like, really weird, Margret Atwood weird. I’m not going to go into details, that’s how weird it was. I am, frankly, surprised that I made it to the end, because it was so strange at certain points I just wanted to throw the towel on it.

However, it’s also a compelling and powerful novel about surveillance, choice, humanity, gender roles, and the power of choice. Plus, the title is very poetic and ties into the story in a couple ways. I always find that a fun and interesting little bit.

Overall, I would, despite it’s thorough quirkiness and downright disturbing content, recommend it. Although, I feel like the climax/denouement was not tied up of well as it could have been. Towards the end, I found detail lacking, as if Atwood were trying to fast forward everything. All around though, it’s a nice read!

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