Apple Picking & First Week Reflections

First week of classes is over! Whew. I think I’m gonna take a nap after this.

Overall impressions? It’s going to be a good semester! I like my lab group, thank goodness. This group of kids is pretty rad and I think we’ll have fun. And, I’ve never done science outside of a lab before, but my science class is sending us to pretty nature places around the city, so that is exciting!


On Wednesday, I found my new favorite florist shop, Brattle Square Florist! It’s funny how you miss things when you’re not really looking for them. But, I went, fell in love with the brick wall, and went back a second time, coming out with the most beautiful pink, baby roses.

On Labor Day, I went apple picking! Honestly, I think I go to these kinds of things just for the doughnuts. Apple cider doughnuts. Three of the most beautiful words you’ll ever hear. And, one of the most delicious things you’ll ever eat! I ate three.

The apples were also delicious! I don’t think I’ve eaten one in a while, so munching in the orchard was especially fun. I had my first blondie apple. 10/10 would recommend!

The weather was some weird funky combo of cold and gray and sunny, and all this went down whilst the humidity steamed us. But, other than that, it was fantastic.

I’m planning on doing an 8-part photo series of Boston! If you have suggestions are which neighborhoods to highlight, let me know. I think my first stop is Beacon Hill, next Friday.

‘Till next time, friends!











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