End-of-Semester Reflections

Well, I suppose I should have posted this last week at the official end of the semester, but it kinda (ok, it really) slipped my mind ’till a few days ago when I was perusing my past writings and saw my other reflections. I decided that I do like writing these and that I’d make a habit of them, so here’s the latest:

  1.  Pilates is not my thing. I’ve learned my lesson. I thought I would love it and be kinda cool. I’m terrible at it and still as lame as ever. Next semester, I’ll be doing ballroom dancing with Amanda! That should be more my pace…I spent too much time on the floor in Pilates…it was too zen for me.
  2. Friends come from really unexpected places. I made a new friend, Sarah, and she’s great! (And really funny.)
  3. It’s too nice to have high expectations of people. Set the bar low. Really low. You’ll always be amazed. Surprised. Delighted.
  4. In theory, Communism is great. In practice…suffering.
  5. Hard workers are hard to find. They’re also gems.
  6. Make sure to sleep. Like, actually. More than six hours.
  7. Work hard. People will notice.
  8. Make an effort to get plugged into your community. People are waiting with open arms. Give them a chance.
  9. Have conversations that matter.
  10. Love deeply and look at others to see them, not yourself.

What’s up for next semester?

I’m going to be a Communications Intern for a rad little non-profit called Skate for the 22. I had the privilege of working with the organization as a part of my public relations class, and now I’m on board to help support the communications plan that my team and I created for it.

Additionally, in pursuing my love of photography, I’ll be the gal behind the photographs for the Boston Public Market! Food + photography? EXCITED!!

Along with that, I’ll continue to experiment with Cecil, my Rolleicord, named after my favorite portrait photographer, Sir Cecil Beaton, for whom the Rolleiflex was a preferred camera. Catch me in COM’s darkroom when I’m not studying!

Next semester’s course load consists of the following:

Humanities (Philosophy)

Writing for Communication

Introduction to Linguistics

Natural Science

I’m particularly intrigued by this introductory philosophy class. I’ll probably be pursuing the subject more in depth during my independent French studies. As I will not be pursuing a French course next semester, I have decided to devote several hours each week to continuing the study of French language and culture. Some topics that I am considering exploring are: French philosophy, literature, and art history. And, of course, I’m looking forward to the occasional French film and playing ping pong(!!!) again with AFBU!

For now though, I’m going to sleep, because I need a nap.

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