Sunday Brunch on a Friday

Hi hi, friends!!

What’s new?

Back in Boston, for one.

Kind of listening to La La Land’s soundtrack on repeat. And, if you know me and my taste in movies, this should have you somewhat floored.

And what’s old? This brunch adventure, that’s what! I meant to write about this on Friday, but then I got sidetracked with coffee and packing, so it didn’t happen. Now it’s happening.

What exactly? This:


And by this, I mean this Monte Cristo sandwich, which you can find at Mama’s in Washington Square Park. Can I tell you something? This is the sandwich of my dreams. Cheese in involved. I’m just really sad that there are no longer pots of raspberry jam sitting at each table, and that the jam they serve with this sandwich is actually blackberry jam. That’s okay, because this sandwich is still amazing, but let’s just say the jam was what sealed the deal. I am now open to sniffing out new brunch spots.


This brunch would not have happened if Divya had not invited me!! We have known each other since first grade and she is still as lovely as ever! Our friendship mainly consists of watching sad-ish rom-coms together and finding and/or making food. Last time we met up, we made Croque Madames, so we went to find food this time around. Of course, I had to take a photo of her sandwich too, which was delicious, and again, I’m so sad there are no longer personal jam pots because the jam would have been all over this sandwich. These sandwiches do not know how fortunate they are to be divine independent of jam.

Originally, I had been planning to take myself on a date to the city and explore Haight-Ashbury, but I am actually super glad that I was too lazy to go on my own and that Divya invited me for brunch!! I like being a loner, but traveling with friends shows you the city’s fun, hidden crevices that need introducing.


As we marched back to BART, Divya showed me an alleyway covered in murals! And since you’re reading this, I guess we’re friends, so I’ll tell you where it is. (Behind City Lights Bookstore & Publisher.) You’re welcome!!

Boston neighborhood explorations will recommence…tomorrow!! I’m actually exploring the South End neighborhood on assignment for BU’s lifestyle magazine. It’s the largest urban victorian neighborhood in the country, so I’m excited to walk around!

See ya soon, friends!


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