Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

(Originally written over winter break!)

Okay, I can’t remember if I’ve raved written about Pride & Prejudice here…I feel as if I have, because if I haven’t, that would be disastrously out of character, and you would never know about my extremely unhealthy (but totally okay) obsession. Case en pointe:

13568894_912547038872853_8100235906221232866_oI FOUND MR. DARCY’S BUST AT PEMBERLY!!

I also have this little tradition of reading Pride and Prejudice every time I get on an airplane…so (I didn’t manage to finish) this journey home from BU for Christmas break marked the seventh(!!!!!!!!!!) time I’ll have read it.




25852870My lovely friend Haley (hi, Haley!!) recommended Eligible to me after we discovered that we both have a love for P&P and Jane Austen. There are approximately 40 books on my reading list on Goodreads  and I have finished three in the five days I have been at home. Eligible was one of the books (aside from The Elegance of the Hedgehog and If I Stay), and I have to say…I’m a fan! It is, in all essence, P&P set for 2016 (or somewhere between 2014-now??!!). Honestly, when she first recommended it, I had my doubts. I was a P&P purist. How could anyone even think about adapting or modifying Jane Austen’s already very perfect love story? With all the observations on social protocol, a fierce and headstrong Lizzy Bennet, and wit? How? Sittenfeld did it, and actually quite brilliantly. As a bonus, it was also hilarious. I ACTUALLY laughed out loud at some parts. The 2016 version of the Bennett family was everything that it should be, and Sittenfeld adeptly transposes 1800s Lizzy Bennett into a very modern, but still very Lizzy, Liz Bennett. READ THE BOOK!

This afternoon I wrapped up a re-read of The Elegance of the Hedgehog, English-language version. Not as beautiful sounding, but still made me want to cry huge, heavy tears. After re-reading, though, I cemented what I thought I understood in French, and better understood the sections of the original novel that were a little fuzzy when translating French to English didn’t work out well. Regardless of the language in which you read the novel, there are some extremely beautiful excerpts that you should read, and that I’m going to share, accompanied by photos when the opportunity arises and inspiration strikes. For now…I recommend it, too! A recap of If I Stay will be following soon, and I’m excited because I’ve just started Gourmet Rhapsody, also by Muriel Barbery, abut Pierre Arthens, one of the minor characters in The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

  1. Violet of Violet's Veg*n e-comics says:

    Thank you for the recommendation! You’ve read Pride and Prejudice seven times! That’s impressive 🙂 That’s a great picture – it really brings the story to life! 😀 I have read Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld, and it was very funny, so I will look out for this book, thank you 🙂


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