Back Bay (Boston Photo Project)


On Friday, I went to Copley Square/Back Bay with Melissa to take some photos for an article I’m writing about the Boston Literary District. We took a walk on one of my favorite streets, Marlborough Street, in freezing weather. Thankfully, my ears did not freeze off, and it was a beautiful day, otherwise.

First, we headed to the Public Garden to find the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture and the swan boats. Unfortunately, there were no swan boats as the artificial pond was almost completely drained; the remain water being frozen. We did, however, enjoy the bridge, where Louis plays his trumpet in E.B. White’s  The Trumpet of the Swan.

We strolled down Marlborough Street as the detour back to Copley. You know you have an exceptional friend when she stops just as much as you do to take pictures.

Obviously, there is so much more to Back Bay, but here’s my snippet of the neighborhood! (Although, I would really recommend popping into the Lindt chocolate shop on Boylston.)

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