Where Is My Cloud?

[This post is modified off of an email I forward to friends every once in a while about P31.]


So lately I’ve been struggling with the question: “What do I want?” You know, the classic question that every college kid needs to answer so that they can decide what they want to work on for the rest of their lives, and get on with it.
So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that. I’m not changing my major, if that’s what you’re asking. But I’ve been thinking. And to accompany that question, I also threw in the other: “What does God want?” If my first question was a struggle, than this one is even more so. After all, in my experience, God isn’t the most…direct…so how do I know if what I want is what he wants?
This one struck me, honestly.
I often find myself questioning my decisions or wondering if what I’m doing is “what God wants.” Have you ever been there?
Todays P31 really knocked me over the head because it reminds us that when things are good, God is with us. And if things are bad? He is still with us! And he’s going to guide us out of the mess. Isn’t that beautiful?

“They trusted God to lead the way, even if they didn’t understand it, and their lives and faith were saved as a result.As these lessons in this story came to mind, my thoughts became less cloudy and I rested in knowing God would be my guide. If I walk down the right path, God will be there with me. But if I take a wrong turn, He will still be there, redirecting me, guiding me and leading me out of the wilderness. In fact, He may take me down the most difficult journey, with full intention of growing my faith along the way.”


While there is still no certainty that a fiery pillar or fluffy cloud will descend from the sky to hop and skip by me…it’s nice to know that even if I make a mistake, or take the wrong turn, it doesn’t mean that I’m not supposed to be there. If anything, it’s a lesson, and I can turn around or start over. I will still admit that I am a…control freak…but I’m working on it!

Read the original P31 here:

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