Cafe Luna



Early birthday, to be exact. Yes, I will take notes for you on Wednesday.


Secondly, I need to talk about Cafe Luna.

Cafe Luna is an extremely tiny establishment in Central Square, and they do excellent brunch. I first discovered it last year, when Amanda and I were (surprise, surprise) very early to church and needed to do something to kill the time. The berry french toast still makes appearances in my food dreams; it was divine.

Sarah picked Cafe Luna (on the recommendation of Zagat, or something) as the destination of her birthday brunch. I had not returned since the first adventure with Amanda, but now…I’m thinking this brunch thing needs to happen more often.

I personally recommend any of the french toast options. I think that’s what they’re best at. This time around, I went with a corned beef hash (also delicious), but the french toast (and the lemon ricotta pancakes) is really where it’s at.


Happy eating!



Jennifer’s chocolate & raspberry french toast.


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