Boston Photo Project: The First Church of Christ, Scientist

Now that half of our classes are over and we are working independently on our thesis, we (and by we, I mean Squaw) have a lot more time than the average college student at this time of year. It was a gentle day; the sky was a vibrant blue and the sun comfortably countered the fresh (or as fresh as it can be in a busy city) air as it tousled our hair. So, we decided to get our nerd hats on and walk to the Mary Baker Eddy Library, which houses a stunning, monstrous, glass globe, preserving the world as it was in 1935. There are some very cool acoustics that happen in the globe, but for $4, it wasn’t what it was hyped up to be. I’m just glad I got my exercise in…six miles ought to do it. And of course, getting there is always half the fun.

I actually don’t know much about the different branches of Christianity, so I’ve always thought that the Christian Science Church and the Church of Scientology where the same thing. Today, I learned  that they are not. The Christian Science Church also runs The Christian Science Monitor, which is pretty neat. The building itself is beautiful- Romanesque and Classical architecture- and I recommend paying it a visit if you’re ever in this corner of the world! It is the mother church for all who belong to the Christian Science Church. And, Back Bay is lovely neighborhood to walk through at any time of the year.

Happy exploring!

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