Boston’s Oldest Flower Shop


Boston is rife with flower shops, and they’re all charming and have unique stories. Olympia Flowers & Gifts claims the title of Boston’s first flower shop. 115 years old, its doors first opened in Dudley Square, Roxbury. The same family has owned Olympia since it opened, and the current owners are the great-grandchildren of the founders.


Located at the corner of Washington Street and Massachusetts Avenue, its simple green awning and charming windowsills filled with flowers beckon passerby. Inside, the walls are adorned with photos of old Boston and the shop. It’s wonderfully nostalgic. The selection of flowers range from plant-your-own to bouquets. Eileen Bornstein, wife of co-owner Joe Bornstein, says that the flowers are freshly selected from the flower market each day.


If you’re ever in want of something to do on a lovely spring day, wander the South End and meander into this historical, bright little spot. And, after you’ve picked up a bouquet (or two!), Flour Bakery is only a few paces away.

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