{Review} Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

I have a running joke that I like science. I’m actually not well suited to the field; I lack patience, am not fond of following directions to the T, and crave a little bit of creativity and my own rules. However, I find its principles fascinating…when I’m not sitting in class. Seeing scientific principles in action is actually quite fun, and so I picked up this little book to learn a little bit more about how the world spins. It’s probably fair to say that I only really processed 60 percent of what was explained, but this was all for fun, after all.

Rovelli divides this book into the following chapters: “The Most Beautiful of Theories,” “Quanta,” “The Architecture of the Cosmos,” “Particles,” “Grains of Space,” “Probability, Time, and the Heart of Black Holes,” and “Ourselves.”

I won’t try and delve into all the details, because I’m not sure how well I understood everything, but I was thoroughly fascinated. His tone is conversational as he carefully explains the principles and history of topics such as the Theory of Relativity (space is gravity?) and what actually happens in black holes. I think that this little book is a lovely way to become acquainted with some the basic theories and principles in physics, whether or not you are scientifically inclined.

Happy reading!

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