San Francisco on Film

One of my favorite portrait photographers introduced me to film photography. She uses a Rolleicord, and all the photos she takes are so vivid in color and detail, I knew that I wanted to explore this medium of photography, too. So, I caved, bought a Rolleicord, did an obscene amount of Googling because I had no idea what I was doing, and experimented last summer. Recently, we bought an Epson scanner, so I was able to scan all my negatives, and here are some of the results!



North Beach is one of my favorite neighborhoods, if only for the cute cafes and Italian restaurants that line the streets. I stopped poor Divya every 10 feet or so because I wanted to take a picture of something! This little cafe was just so charming.


During winter break, the family trekked out to Land’s End. Open ocean, jagged cliff lines, and violent, majestic waves … it was like watching a beautiful symphony, being captivated by the melodies and artistry. It is moments such as these, when you feel small, and the world feels big, that you are filled with curiosity and wonder.


And of course, there are few greater joys than stumbling across fresh flowers in the middle of a metropolis, but I did just that on a little corner in Nob Hill.


Voilà! (A bit of) San Francisco on film.

Happy exploring!


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