Paris is Always a Good Idea

Contrary to what the silence on the blog may have led you to believe, much has happened since Montpellier. Lots of exams! But, after exams came 10 glorious days of vacation, one of which I spent in my favorite city.


I can’t explain it, but Paris possesses a simply magical quality. The grand boulevards, Haussmann architecture, all the monuments, the pastry shops (of course!), the history, and the light- soft and sweet- together, all these elements give the city a romantic and nostalgic quality- as soon as you taste it, you’ll fall in love, too, and you’ll never want to leave.


It’s been four years since I last saw Paris, so while on the train this time around, I was worried. I knew it had been a while…so what if Paris disappointed me? I had an elaborate, idealized dream of what she should be- what if she failed to live up to everything?


But, no- like an dear friend, Paris welcomed me with open arms and once again, I was captivate by her beauty. In Paris, one has permission to dream a little bit. That is, I believe, the reason that so many fall in love with her. In Paris, it seems that anything is possible…and nothing is impossible.


I spent the entire day walking throughout the city…and still didn’t cover everything on my list. Paris is not a city to be seen in a day. No, to do her justice you could spend a lifetime there. I ended up not taking many photos- Paris, in my unsolicited opinion, is best seen in the early morning, without the fellow tourists. But I also wanted to soak it all in- Paris has a certain feeling of je ne sais quoi, and it’s an enchanting one that begs to be imprinted on your memory for you, and only you. It was the most beautiful dream of my life and the one I will never forget.


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