Hi, friends.

If you don’t know me (yet!), I’m a full-time francophile, enthusiastic dessert-eater, ravenous bookworm, and curious photographer. I spend a lot of time looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, and memoriesbymarissa is documenting everyday adventures doing just that!  

Here, I’ve created a space to write about my favorite things:


Food , (do you get it?!) chronicles my adventures in all things sweet (sometimes savory)! Ask me where to find dinner, and I probably won’t be able to tell you…but ask me where to find dessert, and I’ll hand you a looooooooooong list.

#domesticwithdad is the online, beautified details captured while cooking with Dad. I originally came up with the hashtag for Snapchat, because that’s where we broadcast our show. You can follow @sparklesprinkle !

Foodie Fashion Finds is a gallery where I share all the food-themed accessories that I find. I like wearing food almost as much as I like eating it.


This is my corner of the interwebs to write about falling in love with Jesus. I’m not talking about philía (between friends) love. I’m talking about agápē love, an unconditional love. Knowing, trusting, and loving are difficult things to do, but so very important. I’m chronicling my thoughts as I learn to love, agápē.

What I’m Reading

When I was younger, I was always on the hot seat for reading when I should have been doing my homework! Once, I even took out a book in the middle of a test, and read, book hidden under the desk.

I love mysteries, romance (but not too mushy), historical fiction, and the occasional (very interesting) nonfiction. And, I collect cookbooks. This is my compilation of the books I’m reading and definitely recommend.


The flâneur was glorified in 19th century European literature, described by, amongst others, Honoré de Balzac and Charles Baudelaire. Balzac called flânerie “gastronomy for the eye.” A flâneur is simply a person who wanders about with no particular goal in mind. This section of my website will share my photos and thoughts as I explore my neighborhood, or wherever I happen to be.

Other stuff I care about:

  • The environment. I say no to fracking, big oil, plastic, and  and yes to water conservation, clean energy, recycling, and environmental justice.  
  • I am #heforshe. Currently fostering discussion at Boston University about feminism and what that means for ladies (and dudes!) today.

Also, if you’re asking, “Why are there no spaces between memoriesbymarissa??!”

It’s ‘cuz my mom suggested the name for Instagram, and it drives me nuts seeing it “Memories by Marissa.” Completely unnatural.

On Instagram (@memoriesbymarissa), you can find my pursuit of darling, extraordinary things hiding in ordinary places. Oh, and food. A lot of food.


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