I’m Marissa. And I am so so happy that you are here!

I’m a smattering of many things: Francophile; Minion lover (those little yellow things with overalls); bookworm; florals-obsessed; novice cook and baker; writer; (film) photographer.

When I was 8 years old, I begged my grandfather to take me with him to Paris. He made good on that promise when I turned 16, and I fell completely in love with France. My Francophile-ness was cemented, and all my other loves have seemed to revolve around that. After spending four months in Grenoble junior year of college, I’m convinced France is calling my name…and I’m currently plotting my way back!

Summer after freshman year, I bought my first film camera, a Rolleicord circa 1960, and named it Cecil. Was Cecil practical for an amateur photographer? Absolutely not. Was he super adorable? Oh yes, indeed. And, nothing beats the color and grain of film. Like, wow.

And while the Internet has us thinking that we all live super-glamourous (or not) lives, I’ll debunk that right here. If I’m not in school or doing any work requiring me to be presentable, I am probably wearing pajamas. Until Target restocks the Minion footsie pajamas, I’ll be here, sitting in my pink fraying snowmen pajama pants. Most likely cooking…wearing a Minion apron.

I hope we become friends! Thanks for stopping by- know you are loved!



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